Smart Retail

Smart Retail encompasses the set of technological solutions enabling us to convert a conventional physical store into an interactive point of sale, firstly to meet the new needs of buyers brought about by the digital revolution and, secondly, to provide retailers with the necessary tools to allow them

  • to obtain detailed knowledge of their business and customers,
  • to increase their sales and
  • to improve their operating processes.

This transformation of physical stores is essential, due to the significant role they play as points of connection between the online and offline worlds. They represent the point of human contact with their customers and are, therefore, the space in which a brand can become distinctive by offering them the chance to enjoy unique and personalized experiences. At the same time, they should be spaces which incorporate the convenience, speed and operability to which buyers have become accustomed during online purchases.

IoT technologies, at a suitable moment of maturity, constitute the key driver of this transformation. The digitization of these spaces by means of the deployment of connected devices and remote control capacities currently allows traditional stores to acquire capabilities which have been reserved for the online world until now. This is the moment and we have the technology available.

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